How to Stop Excessive Dog Barking

How to Stop Excessive Dog Barking

Have you ever wondered why dogs bark? Barking has an important purpose, and the best way to prevent excessive barking is to understand why your dog barks in the first place. As much as you love your four-legged companion. Barking can get very annoying—especially when it’s excessive and at all hours of the day and night.

Luckily, these seven ways how to stop excessive dog barking will help you teach your furry friend how to be quiet when guests come over or keep his mouth shut when he wants to go outside!

1) Training

Desensitize your dog to the things that trigger their barking, such as a vacuum or lawn mower. Make sure you’re giving your dog enough attention and exercise.

Use environmental enrichment, such as Kongs filled with peanut butter or other treats, so they have something to do while they are home alone.

2) Keep Them entertained

It can be difficult to control your dog’s barking when you’re away from home. Fortunately, there are several simple ways you can discourage excessive barking with minimal effort on your part.

Make sure that you always have plenty of chew toys and bones available for them to play with, as these things will help keep them entertained while you’re away. If they get bored, they’ll start searching for something else to do, including barking!

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3) Tire Them Out

It’s important to have a plan in place when you notice excessive dog barking. There are many reasons why your dog may be barking excessively and we want to take steps so that it doesn’t happen again. Here are some of the most common causes of excessive dog barking:

Boredom- If your dog is bored, it will find ways to entertain itself. This can include excessive barking, chewing on furniture, or digging holes in the yard.

4) Get an Anti-Bark Collar

excessive dog barking

A great way to stop excessive dog barking is by getting an anti-bark collar. These collars emit a small shock when the dog barks, which can discourage this behavior. Anti-bark collars are a safe and humane way to stop excessive dog barking without having to resort to punishment or physical violence.

Most dogs will quickly associate their bark with the shock from the collar and be discouraged from repeating that behavior. If you do not want to use an anti-bark collar, there are other ways of stopping excessive dog barking. For example, you could train your pet not to bark in certain situations by using a command like Quiet! whenever they start making noise.

5) Block Their View

One way to stop a dog from barking is to block its view. This can be done by closing blinds, doors, or curtains. You can also try placing them in another room or even a crate. One thing you should not do is hit your dog when they bark excessively since this may lead to aggression and other behavioral issues.

For these methods to work the barking needs to end quickly. If the behavior does not change over time it could point toward a more serious problem that requires professional intervention.

6) Try a Calming Aid

One way of trying to stop excessive dog barking is by using a calming aid. This can be accomplished in two ways: either you can use an over-the-counter. And natural calming aid or you can teach your dog a soothing behavior that takes their mind off the stimuli.

An example of an over-the-counter calming aid is the Thundershirt, which has been shown in studies to reduce anxiety and fear in dogs.

7) Check For Medical Reasons

If the dog’s excessive barking is due to a medical condition, you must get them checked out by a veterinarian. If it turns out that there is no underlying medical issue and the barking persists, then you will need to take further steps.

Create an environment where they can be comfortable: It is natural for dogs to bark when they are in an unfamiliar or uncomfortable situation. To change this behavior, create a safe place for them where they are comfortable.

Create mental stimulation: Dogs often bark as a result of boredom or frustration because they have nothing better to do. To help combat this type of barking, offer your pup plenty of mentally stimulating activities so they don’t have time to be bored or frustrated.

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When you’re trying to sleep, and the neighbor’s dog next door won’t quit barking. It can be incredibly frustrating and difficult to fall asleep, even if you love dogs otherwise. Try these 7 ways how to stop excessive dog barking so that you and your neighbors can both get some peace at night.

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