How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping Up on You

How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping Up on You

It is in a dog’s nature to jump on people. When dogs jump, they can say hello face-to-face, and it’s a sure-fire way to get attention. But from a human point of view, jumping to greet is annoying and dangerous. Muddy paws can get on nice clothes and knock people down, especially older people and children. Teaching Stop Your Dog from Jumping the right way to greet people is much safer and more polite.

Here are some points on How to Teach Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People

“Four on The Floor” Technique

“Four on the floor” is a training method that works well with dogs motivated by food. Put a leash on your dog and have a family member or friend come up to them. Give your dog a treat or drop some treats on the floor before it has a chance to jump. While the treats keep your dog busy, have the person greet them. They should take a step back when they’re done and start over. If the dog ever jumps up, tell your friend to move away and not give your dog a treat or any attention. After a few times, your dog should start to understand that when all four paws are on the ground, they get the kind of reward they want.

Show Him How to Sit & Stop Your Dog from Jumping

You can also teach your dog not to jump by giving it another way to get your attention, like sitting next to you. Training like this is done in steps. Think about how teachers do their jobs with kids. First, the child learns how to recognise numbers. Then, they know how to add, subtract, divide, and do algebra. A friendly dog that sits perfectly still when someone walks in the door is graduate school work. It takes a lot of work to get to that level of impulse control.

Don’t Engage

Teach your dog to stop jumping on you
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If your people-loving dog jumps up and down because he wants to be petted and played with, don’t give him what he wants. Tell your guests that if your dog is jumping, they shouldn’t touch or talk to him. This shows him that he won’t get the love he wants if he keeps acting like this. Instead of jumping up, give him attention when he doesn’t.

Reward Good Behavior

When you’re trying to stop your dog from jumping up too much, it can help a lot to have some treats handy. Throw a treat to your dog as soon as it stands in front of you with all four paws on the ground. Also, praise your dog, but don’t make a big deal. It may jump again if you get too excited or pay too much attention to it.

Prepare for Both Good Times and Bad

The best thing a dog owner can do before starting to train their dog is to prepare their mind. Know that the training process will have ups and downs. Some days, it will seem like your dog can’t do anything wrong. You and your pup will be on the same page, and your puppy will fly through the commands. Sometimes you’ll have to try repeatedly to get them to do what you want. Rest assured, a nasty training session doesn’t mean you’ve failed or your dog can’t learn the command. Training is a long-term process, a process that takes time.

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Give Out Some Treats

If you don’t want to put your dog in a cage, here’s another easy way to put something your dog likes by the door. For example, you could have a jar of dog treats and ask guests to throw a few as they come in. When the door opens, your dog will run away. While your pet eats the treats, tell your guests to come in and take a seat. Your dog will see them there, and the entrance will no longer be as exciting. If your dog likes to play fetch, you can do the same thing with balls or a favorite toy. Put a bucket of balls right outside the front door. Ask your guests to grab two balls and throw one into your house. The visitor throws the second ball when your dog returns the first one.


Lastly, some families have different ideas about whether or not a dog should jump, which can make training confusing or complicated for the dog. Usually, one person in the family loves it when the dog jumps up because it gives them attention and makes them happy. The answer is easy and was already talked about above.

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