How Can I Stop My Dog Licking me so much?

How Can I Stop My Dog Licking me so much?

Why does my dog lick me so much? If your dog has started licking you excessively, there’s probably a reason why. This can be annoying and uncomfortable, but there are several reasons why your dog might be licking you too much or at the wrong times. Learn how to stop him from licking you so much with these helpful tips.

Why Does My Dog Licking Me so Much?

There are many reasons your dog may lick you so much. It is important to identify why your pup is licking you so much before beginning to stop him. One of the most common reasons a dog licks someone incessantly is because he feels anxious or lonely and just wants some attention. Dogs also lick as a way of showing affection, but sometimes this can be misinterpreted as aggression by humans. Some breeds of dogs are more prone to licking than others. You should always consult with a professional trainer if you’re unsure about how to stop excessive dog licking for any reason.

Skin Problems

Dogs may lick their human’s skin for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common causes of excessive licking include allergies, food sensitivities, hormonal changes, and stress. Understanding your dog’s motivations for licking will help you better address the problem and prevent it from coming back.


It is important to understand why your dog is licking you so much. Stress can be the reason for excessive licking, anxiety, or even an underlying medical condition. If your dog licks excessively out of stress and anxiety, it is important to address the cause of the stress that is causing this behavior.

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You taste Good

When your Dog is Hungry
Give some food

It may seem odd to think your dog likes the way your skin tastes, but it is a natural part of his instincts to explore the world around him. The problem with licking is that it can be very uncomfortable and even painful for some people. It is also sometimes embarrassing when you are out in public with your dog and he suddenly starts licking you so much. One way to stop this from happening is to give them something else to do like chewing on a toy or playing with another animal.

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They want To Show Affection towards you
They want To Show Affection towards you

Your dog loves you. You are the world to him. He wants nothing more than to be close to you and show his affection in every way possible. But if your dog is licking you so much, it might not be a sign of love. In some cases, it can lead to problems like yeast infections or skin allergies, so it’s important that you stop your dog from licking as soon as possible.

Best ways to Stop your dog Licking you so much

If you’re a dog owner, chances are you’ve been subjected to your pup’s lovey-dovey attentions. Sometimes it can seem like there’s no such thing as too much affection from a canine companion. However, there is such a thing as too much attention. If your dog is licking you excessively or if the licking has become aggressive and painful, then it may be time for you to take action.

1. Just try to Ignore It

Ignoring your dog when he starts licking you so much is the best way to stop him from doing it. Simply pretend he’s not there, and if he does start licking you, tell him no in a firm voice. You can also put your hands over his muzzle or wear a shirt with long sleeves so that he can’t reach your skin.

2. Give them Something chewy

A chewy bone might be the answer to your dog’s excessive licking. If you give him a chew toy that he likes and is healthy for them, he will have something else to do other than licking you. You can also offer him a treat when he has stopped licking and praise him for his good behavior. When it comes to pets, repetition is key.

3. Get Some Exercise


Exercise is the best way to get your dog to stop licking you so much. Running him around in the backyard or going on a long walk will tire him out and keep him from wanting to lick you while he’s tired. You could also try playing fetch with your dog, which will give him something else to focus on besides licking you. If none of those options work, then it may be time for a new pastime for your dog that doesn’t involve you!

4. GO and Take a Shower

If your dog is licking you to the point where it’s uncomfortable or annoying, there are a few things you can do. First, take a shower! If you have any soaps, shampoos, or other products on your skin that could be exciting to your dog, taking a shower should help. If your dog is licking due to being hungry or thirsty, feed them and give them fresh water.

5. Change the way your body smell

Everyone knows that dogs have a great sense of smell, but they also have a very different sense of taste. Unlike humans, who have approximately 9,000 taste buds in their mouth, a dog only has about 1,700. So while your body may taste good to your furry friend, you probably don’t like the feeling of his wet tongue across your skin. It’s natural for dogs to lick things because their tongues are covered with bacteria-fighting saliva and when they lick something it’s an instinctive way for them to figure out what it is or if it’s edible.

6. Reward Good Behaviour

Dogs lick when they’re happy, scared, or as a form of comforting themselves. Give your pup a treat every time he stops licking you to show them that licking is not a desired behavior. This way, it becomes a habit for them to stop licking when they get rewarded.

When to Worry About Your Dog’s Excessive Licking?

Dogs lick as a form of communication and to satisfy their curiosity. But sometimes they go too far- excessive licking could be due to obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, or stress. If your dog is suffering from any of these issues it’s important to take him in for a vet visit and start treatment right away. He may need medication or even therapy so that he can get his symptoms under control. Sometimes licking can become a major nuisance with the constant slobbering on your clothes and furniture, not to mention potentially spreading germs from the dog’s mouth all over the place. Whatever the cause is, it’s important to stop this behavior before things get out of hand.


There are a number of ways that you can discourage your dog from licking, but the most effective way to stop them is through redirecting their attention. Get a toy or treat and give it to your dog when they start licking you. They’ll be more interested in the toy or treat than in licking you!

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