Proven Home Remedies to cure Dog Bad Breath Causes

Proven Home Remedies to cure Dog Bad Breath Causes

Did you try to hug your dog out of love and receive a face full of bad breath? Dogs are commonly known to have bad breath due to various issues. Are you looking for a dog bad breath remedy? If so, look no further than True Canine Wild Belly.

Let’s try to understand how our canine friends get their bad breath and how to curb it. Read on to know more about your dog’s bad breath home remedy. One of these fixes includes fresh breath for dogs.

Dog bad breath Causes

Dogs are known to be outdoorsy by nature. From sticking their nose into others behind to places it shouldn’t be, this can cause the stench to remain near their mouth area and have prolonged exposure. But there may be other explanations. Let us learn a little more about them.

1. Dental Care

Dental care of your dog for Dog bad breath
Dental care of your dog

This is usually the start of a dog’s bad breath. Bad breath is common, but if it persists, it is deemed a dental problem. Similar to humans, dogs also deserve proper oral care. Improper oral care may result in periodontal disease.

There may be plaque build-up, tooth decay, or gum problems. Tartar build-up may lead to mouth infection or even gum inflammation. This can be visible through the guise of bad breath.

2. Dog breath smells like poop.

Dogs tend to put random things in their mouth. This can be problematic if your dog has unsupervised access to your food waste and even its poop. Few dogs don’t hesitate to consume the destruction of other pets. This makes your dog’s breath smell like poop.

This is a known fact that dogs enjoy cat’s stools. But it is pretty unhygienic for them. Coprophagia is common in many animals, but it can be prevented by ensuring to maintain a nutritious diet for your furry friend.

3. Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is observable Through Your Dog’s Breath. If your dog’s breath has a distinct urine smell, it may have kidney disease. It is also likely they may be drinking pee. But it is a serious concern and should be consulted with a veterinarian.

4. Liver Disease

Does your dog’s breath smell like fish? If they tend to vomit frequently and show yellow gums, it may be a case of liver disease. They may be displaying a lack of appetite as well. This is also a serious concern and should be consulted with your veterinarian soon.

5. Diabetes

Diabetes in dogs is not that rare. Their breath may have a fruity smell. Other symptoms include frequently drinking water and urinating. Diabetes is a treatable disease and you should treat it as the earliest. Consult your veterinarian.

How to expel my dog’s bad breath?

While it is good to know about the cause of the problem, it is also detrimental to know about the situation. Most cures rely on the causes, but there is a sufficient dog bad breath remedy. Make sure that your dog is receiving an adequate amount of dental care. This will prevent build-up and periodontal disease.

A veterinarian can treat diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease. Once that issue is solved, their bad breath should waft your problems. Keep your trash out of their reach or firmly secured for unrestricted snacking. Also, limit your dog’s “junk” intake.

“Junk” may include any of their outdoor findings or even the neighbour’s cat’s faeces. Be aware of the dog’s bad breath causes. Now read on to learn about dog bad breath home remedies.

Dog bad breath remedy

1. Snack on some carrot sticks or apple slices

Carrot sticks have a crunchy texture that will scour the plaque in your dog’s mouth. Apart from plaque build-up, it helps in soothing gums. This is a good treat for your teething puppies.

2. Coconut oil as a toothpaste

Coconut oil is helpful in reducing bad breath. It has a good smell and tastes good to dogs, serving as makeshift toothpaste. Since it is a natural product, it is safe to ingest and beneficial for their health. Coconut oil has antibacterial elements that ward off bad breath.

3. Mint and Parsley can do wonders.

Mint is naturally scented and can be lightly drizzled on your dog’s food. This is ingestible and is suitable for digestion. Mint has many vitamins which are good for strong teeth.

Parsley is abundantly filled with antioxidants and vitamins. You can add It to your dog’s food in small amounts. Remember to use a sparse amount of it.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar as a water additive

This is useful even for pet owners. It prevents tooth decay. It consists of acetic acid and malic acid, which are helpful in breaking down tartar build-up. Add a teaspoon of it into your pet’s water bowl and bid adieu to their stinky breath.

5. Pick Chew toys and treats made for cleaning teeth.

Pick Chew toys and treats made for cleaning teeth to cure dog bad breath
Pick Chew toys and treats made for cleaning teeth

An assortment of chew toys and treats is designed to expel the bad breath. This is an easy and efficient dog bad breath remedy. Dogs have an instinct to chew, and what better way to use it than to care for their teeth?

Dental chews are made with ridges and grooves so that it scrapes the teeth. This scraping motion will remove the plaque build-up and maintain your dog’s oral care. There are also soft toothbrushes, dog chew toys, and breath sprays to assist in this feat. These products aren’t a necessity for your dog if they’re healthy and have proper oral care, but it is useful to have in hand. Dogs are very keen to chew sticks, they love it so much. Every pet owner should always be aware of what their dog is putting in his mouth. You can check out here some ways to stop your dog from chewing these things that can be dangerous for the dog.

6. Prebiotics

This helps remove the bacteria that causes your dog’s breath to stink. This can be accompanied by diarrhea or loss of appetite. If so, your dog may have gastritis. Prebiotics can provide a quick fix by replacing the bacteria that cause an odor with one that aids digestion. 

Give your furry friend the gift of good health with the advanced probiotic formula! Crafted specifically for dogs, The powerful blend of beneficial strains, including L. plantarum, B. longum, L. casei, L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, B. breve, and B. subtilis, ensures a happy gut, stronger immunity, and a lustrous coat. Improve digestion which helps to reduce bad breath in your dog and boost overall well-being with this natural solution.

Dogs Bad Breath Remedy

The simplest way to avoid bad breath in your dog is by brushing their teeth regularly. Brushing teeth reduces plaque build-up and helps in maintaining better oral hygiene. Dog toothpaste is developed for this purpose. Made to be dog-friendly, dog toothpaste contains ingredients that act against the bacteria in their mouth without causing any harm to them.

Giving your dog dental chew toys and treats is also an excellent oral care method. This is natural, and it allows them to chew as they please. Bear in mind your dog’s size and age when buying treats for their dog’s bad breath home remedy.

It is also important to note that small dog breeds require more dental care since their teeth are closer. This may instigate the onset of plaque. To prevent it, maintain a regime of brushing their teeth daily and giving them lots of chew toys.

Fresh Breath for Dogs

Apart from these factors, keeping a balanced diet for your dog is vital. In most dogs, bad breath causes are often associated with being unhealthy. Make sure to keep your dog healthy to avoid bad breath, among other health problems. Maintaining a healthy dog is beneficial to the owner as well.

If your dog is healthy and happy, it will help you, as an owner, in looking after yourself. A healthy dog reflects the care of its owner. Feed your dog a balanced diet, exercise them a fair amount, and take them for check-ups to the veterinarian. This is key to being a dog bad breath home remedy.

Blow away your dog’s bad breath troubles by talking to your veterinarian about your dog’s bad breath causes and discuss your treatment options. Invest in dog toothpaste and probiotics such as True Canine Wild Belly. This will serve as a good dog bad breath remedy while ensuring fresh breath for dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques-1 :- Do I need to brush my dog’s teeth daily?

Answer :- It may not necessarily be a daily ritual. Brushing their teeth twice or thrice a week should suffice. This will ensure fresh breath for dogs.

Ques-2 :- How to prevent bad breath in my dog?

Answer :- Use the above-given dog bad breath home remedy. Also, brush their teeth regularly to prevent any oral problems.

Ques-3 :- Should I invest in dental chews?

Answer :- Invest in True Canine Wild Belly for fresh breath for dogs. This will also serve as a good treat for your dogs.

Ques-4 :- Is bad dog breath an indication of a disease?

Answer :- Dog bad breath causes tend to be a symptom of kidney disease and liver disease. Have a check-up with your veterinarian.

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